How to clean your pallet racking systems

Pallets are evidently unsafe depending on what they are used for storing, for instance, chemicals, and poisons. Pallets can also hold mold, wood rot, and insects.

If the racking is operated as per the guidelines, the system should be quite maintenance free. Pallet racking be cleaned using a damp cloth to get rid of dust particles. For stubborn stains, clean using warm water with a gentle detergent solution. Do not use alcohol or solvent based detergents since they may remove the paint finish.

picture of pallets in Australian warehouse

Step 1: Disassembling Pallet

Firstly disassemble pallets using a long crowbar or a pry bar and mallet. Be cautious, having old rotten pallets will intensify the probability of splitting the timbers.

Step 2: Select area to pressure clean

It is useful and easier bringing the pallets up to a comfortable level; pallet cleaning is made easier by doing this. It is advisable to rest the pallet on a table; you may screw in some angled supports while cleaning.

Step 3: Pressure clean

Use of a pressure cleaner works suitably at bringing back the boards to a good-looking condition. It does not remove any spray on stamps. It principally leaves the label on the boards, only making them neater.
It is advisable you put on eye protection as high pressured water containing pallet matter may splash into your eyes.
Cleaning underneath pallet racking is usually the most difficult to clean. If not checked, these parts can hide pests and become very hard to remove. A Sweeper can significantly enhance the cleanliness of such parts.

Step 4: Drying Pallets

A fan drying system is a very efficient and cost-effective way to quicken the speed of wood pallets drying considerably.


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Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has come a long way in the past few decades from the dated astroturf that everyone remembers. That being said, there are some benefits to artificial grass that can make a huge difference in your lawn or your greenspace. Knowing the benefits is just one way to decide if artificial grass is right for you or not.

Low Maintenance

For starters, artificial grass does not need to be mowed or trimmed. Homeowners and greenspace owners spend an average of two to three hours a week maintaining the grass in their yards. With artificial grass you no longer have to mow or trim your grass freeing up time for other activities. 

Another issue that comes up with real grass is that you have to water and sow grass when it starts to die. With artificial grass you never have to sow new grass and you never have to water in dry months. This means that even if your area is experiencing a drought, your grass will be lush and green. 

Seasons Don’t Affect It

Still another major reason that artificial grass is so wonderful is that it does not change with the season. Artificial grass is green all year and does not brown and die when winter comes. This means you will have a beautiful lawn all year round and not have to worry with changing seasons. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 12.54.52 pm

Overall artificial grass is a low maintenance option for those that want a green lawn but that may not have the time to spray for weeds, water, trim, and mow every week. This is a very viable option and with new and improved artificial grass it can look better than the real thing. Source: PerfectTurfSolutions

Important Aspects When Choosing a Tradie

Last year I sat down and constructed a list of all home improvement projects I wanted to start with. Not surprisingly, the list grew quite quickly much bigger than I had anticipated but that was not to say it was a bad thing. Improvements and renovations are important to maintain the quality of your home and also to avoid accidents that could happen in the future because of errors.

When I was done with the list I started to rearrange them in order of importance and then lookup prospective companies that could help me with the renovation. On aspect I was conceded with was what makes me choose one company over another? I look around a lot and found examples of companies I wanted to work with due to their company guarantees.  It feels important to me to know that you are working with the best people on the market.

They are also available on Linked in & Twitter

But can’t companies just make things up?

Well surely they can. You should not base a companies expertise only on what they write on their website. I actually called a few different companies for each of my project and based my opinion on range of factors. As a customer you quickly get a good stomach feeling or a bad one. It all comes down to the way they greet you, explain to you and the level of customer service provided without exchanging any money.

questions to ask

The next time you are choosing between two or more companies to do a service for you, think of what aspects that determines you picking one over another.

Glass Corrosion & Coating

If you like me and many other have glass window screens at in your bathroom and also glass fencing around your swimming pool in your backyard you are definitely aware how they can get dirty regularly. I used to clean my shower screen once every fortnight and my pool fencing once a month. At the recent SPASA pool expo I was introduced to a glass coating product from MCS Protection, honestly the best purchase I have made!

glass corrosion
I was initially very skeptic to the product but I thought it was worth a go as it came with really good warranties from the company. After about 4 months use I decided to call them back again and apply on our kitchen splash backs as well. So if you are tiered of regularly cleaning and perhaps want to avoid corrosion and dirt around your panels, make sure you visit them!


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